What do you create?


Imagine the joy of a young child who discovers that they can use their own powers to create something that was never in the world before. Imagine that you never lost that wonder and joy in your own power to shape the world.

What do you create?

Taken from Daily Compass by Church of the Larger Fellowship

The power to create…a sentiment that has been in our midst for awhile now as the congregation imagines what could be in a renovated space and how do we create a space that will host our community while out of the Fellowship. As I’m sure you have heard recently, the Fellowship is not its building, but its people, gathered in fellowship.

It has been an enriching experience to walk these last two years with you in this space. The beloved community is in the midst and as I reflect on my interim time I am reminded of the awesome responsibility and power we each have to create.  I have learned from you and have been stretched within to discover a “me” that was never in the world before.

It is humbling and rewarding to step back and see many of the fruits of our work together.

May you be ever reminded of the joy and wonder that is in your own power to create. I look forward to my final month with you in June when I return from my time spent with family in Oregon.  Blessings and peace, De Anna