Youth Sunday

BVUUF offers a Coming of Age course for 8th and 9th graders two Sundays a month from 12:30-2pm.

Place: Classes take place at BVUUF. The Retreats takes place at a cabin.

Tuition: $150.00 (sliding scale fee and scholarships available); Registration will be open in May, 2016.

Who: Eighth and Ninth Graders from UU Congregations. There are Adult Guides who are supported by the Youth Coordinator and Minister.

What: Our youth are starting to leave their childhood. This is an important passage in the journeys of their lives. While these youth are still maturing physically and emotionally, they have reached a stage of mental development that gives them better reasoning powers. We believe that it is our mission as adults in our church community to help them:

  • Assume responsibility for their own physical, mental, and spiritual being;
  • Gain a sense of self-confidence and realize that their feelings are valid and that their opinions matter;
  • Expand their vision of the world by allowing them to encounter differing views, cultures, and life experiences;
  • Understand they have an important role in their church, local, and world communities;
  • Develop a personal value system; and
  • Realize they are completely and non-judgmentally accepted in our church community, and that it is their sanctuary.

This program has been developed as an attempt to provide these things to our youth, to mark their passage out of childhood, and to deepen ties to our congregation.

The Coming of Age Program includes:

  • Opening Ceremony and Potluck
  • Weekend Fall Retreat at a Cabin
  • Sunday classes, including “After Death Beliefs,” and “Exploring Values.”
  • Solo Vigil and Overnight in May
  • Celebration Dinner
  • Youth Sunday with presentation of Credo Statements and gifts from the congregation

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