April 6, 2014 School of the Spirit Weekly Update

 Register for Day Camp with the Kutandara Marimbas! Bring cans for the Easter Can Hunt, reflect on the story of David and Goliath this Sunday.




9 and 11 a.m. Preschool/Nursery- “Block Sunday” With Juliette Mettes, high school staff, and Solymar Kneale, 9 a.m.,  and helper needed at 11 a.m. based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem, “Block Sunday.”

9 a.m. Kindergarten – 6th Grade  – “Bible Tales – David and Goliath  with Evan and Teresa Kneale.

8:45 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. – 7/8th Grade Our Whole Lives 

9 a.m. 7-12th grades – Attend the service or help with a younger grade.

10:10 a.m. Intergen Singers rehearsal with Melissa.

10 – 11 a.m. Playground – Izaiah Read and one more  monitor needed.

11 a.m. Kindergarten – Third Grade “Bible Tales – David and Goliath”  with Lu Wright and John Hoebel.

11 a.m. 4th – 6th Grade – “David and Goliath” with Katie Covey, Reggie Cowperthwaite and Fiona Freeman-Grundei.

11 a.m. 7th – 12th grade Youth Group – “Cookie, Cookie” game with Emily Conger.

12:15 8/9th Grade Coming of Age –  “Others Credo Statements” with Laura Murray and David Hughes.




Summer Arts Jam, June 2-6, 2014. Our popular  Day Camp for Preschool – 5th graders. We welcome “Kutandara Marimbas” for our musical experience every morning with a performance on Friday afternoon! Registration is now  online. Visit the Summer Camp Page for more information. Counselor (high school) and Counselor in Training (middle school) applications available online, too. 

As the weather gets nicer, we need Playground Monitors from 10 – 11 a.m. between services.  Sign up online to provide a safe and comfortable experience for the children while you enjoy the sunshine! PS. Our Fire Bowl is rusted out. Can anyone donate one?

Interested in being on the “School Board?” School of the Spirit Board that is. We are creating a governing council for SpiritJam to meet once a month and:

  •  Advise on program structure.
  •  Review successes and challenges.
  •  Provide congregational communication.
  •  Oversee Budget and School of the Spirit Fund.
  •   Integrate ARE and CYRE into a Lifespan School of the Spirit.

If you are interested, contact Katie.





  • Emily CongerYouth Coordinator , youthcoordinator@bvuuf.org
  • Jamil ScottReligious Education Assistant, assistantre@bvuuf.org
  • Melissa WilliamsYouth and Intergenerational Choirs Director, melissamusic1@gmail.com
  • Katie CoveyDirector of Religious Education, dirrectorre@bvuuf.org