The Mountain Top exists to offer a space for people to practice Unitarian Universalism that centers our voices and perspectives as BIPoC. Founded in 2020, it is affiliated with, and supported by, Boulder Valley UU Fellowship. Jen Simon serves as the minister for this community.

The Mountain Top is available to Black, Indigenous, and other UUs of color, including multiracial folks and interracial families, for community building, support, celebration, and pastoral care.

Our Vision: A world where BIPOC members in our UU communities are welcomed and celebrated as fully whole human beings.

Our Mission: We aim to create energy around and inspire BIPOC people to build connections and begin the conversations to create and hold empowering and affirming space. We seek to continually challenge ourselves and one another to rethink, reimagine, and recenter Unitarian Universalist space.

Our Strategy: We will be a space for relationship building and spiritual development for UU BIPOC, by covenantally providing safe space for BIPoC individuals to share our stories, share resources, and develop leadership opportunities for members of our community.