We believe that every person has inherent worth and dignity. Our nation’s founding in slavery and colonization has eroded the human dignity of Black and Brown and Indigenous people in this country for hundreds of years. Today, millions of people in this country are suffering and many are dying because of continued structural racism. Today, Black, Brown and Indigenous people are routinely killed by systemic racism and individual acts of hate. We commit to working to end racial discrimination and injustice within ourselves, our congregation and the world around us. 

Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry and the Social Justice Council

2021 Social Justice Affirmations

In December, 2020, our congregation approved our Social Justice Affirmations for 2021. As a Unitarian Universalist congregation, we are dedicated to the principles of human dignity and the interconnection of all creation. Our faith asks that we bring our heads, hearts, and hands to the work of creating a more just and compassionate world. These justice initiatives serve to chart our course for the coming year so that we may be more effective. Visit 2021 Official Social Justice Affirmations to read the complete document.

Get Involved

Want to get involved? Click here for ongoing service action that you can join.  Have an idea for a project? Email the Social Justice Council at socialjusticecouncil@bvuuf.org and let’s talk.