Public statement from Leadership of our Fellowship in response to anti-Asian rhetoric and violence

Boulder Valley UU Fellowship of Lafayette, Colorado, joins leaders across the country in decrying the recent surge of hate crimes against Asians and Asian Americans. Violence and verbal harassment aimed towards this community has been on the rise for years, most recently fueled by anti-Asian rhetoric and blame for the global pandemic. 

We are in solidarity with victims, survivors, and families who have suffered loss and pain. In the face of forces that seek to undermine our fundamental interdependence, we reaffirm our compassion and responsibility to one another.

We call on the elected leaders in the City of Lafayette, Boulder County, the State of Colorado, and our federal government to make clear that such actions will not be tolerated. 

This country has a shameful history of racist acts towards people of Asian descent. It includes the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and the U.S. incarceration of Japanese Americans during the Second World War. People in our community today still suffer the effects of these policies on their psyches and their wellbeing. Stereotypes about Asians fuel current discrimination and we all need to reflect on how they subtly shape unconscious bias or even outright hatred and violence.

We know these acts of violence are rooted in the same white supremacy and hate that takes the lives of Black, Indigenous, and Latinx people. We affirm the interconnectedness of Black and Asian communities and all people who are against hatred. This discrimination was born of attitudes that hurt us all.

This rise in violence is a result of systemic racism that is rooted deeply in the United States. It’s time for America as a country and Americans as individuals to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Members of our congregation are committed to doing this work. We will confront ignorance with information and education. We will not tolerate the racist violence and the multiple systemic crises of injustice that the COVID pandemic has laid bare.

As Unitarian Universalists, we affirm that every human life is important and worthy of respect. In the midst of the forces of hate that seek to undermine our fundamental interdependence, we reaffirm our compassion and responsibility to one another.

Signed by the Board of Trustees, Committee on Shared Ministry
and the Social Justice Council of BVUUF

We believe that every person has inherent worth and dignity. Our nation’s founding in slavery and colonization has eroded the human dignity of Black and Brown and Indigenous people in this country for hundreds of years. Today, millions of people in this country are suffering and many are dying because of continued structural racism. Today, Black, Brown and Indigenous people are routinely killed by systemic racism and individual acts of hate. We commit to working to end racial discrimination and injustice within ourselves, our congregation and the world around us. 

Rev. Lydia Ferrante-Roseberry and the Social Justice Council

2021 Social Justice Affirmations

In December, 2020, our congregation approved our Social Justice Affirmations for 2021. As a Unitarian Universalist congregation, we are dedicated to the principles of human dignity and the interconnection of all creation. Our faith asks that we bring our heads, hearts, and hands to the work of creating a more just and compassionate world. These justice initiatives serve to chart our course for the coming year so that we may be more effective. Visit 2021 Official Social Justice Affirmations to read the complete document.

Get Involved

Everyone has a skill to bring to our table. You can write a letter,  sign a petition, advocate for those without a voice, support our Dreamers at Pioneer Elementary — there are so many ways to be part of our efforts.  Side with Love with us!

Want to get involved? Have an idea for a project? Email the Social Justice Council at and let’s talk.

Check out what social justice events and actions are coming up!

Here are ongoing service actions you can join:


We have walked as a team in the CROP Hunger Walk for 16 years, raising  over $55,000 to help alleviate hunger. The event happens in October every year.  Contact if you are interested in forming a team.  

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

Since March 2007 we have helped prepare and serve dinner at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless on the third Wednesday of each month. It’s a direct way to interact with and help people in need. This opportunity is currently on hold due to the pandemic. Learn more.

Boulder Valley Community Action Network (BVCAN)

BVCAN works with Together Colorado, a statewide advocacy group, on diverse projects such as medical insurance for children in Boulder County, immigration reform and action, and working to increase access mental health services. We are a part of the newly formed Together Colorado Boulder County Coalition which is currently working on housing for low-income people. For more information, please contact

Emergency Family Assistance Association

Our congregation donates supplies and money from our  half-plate offering  to this Boulder non-profit.  In December, BVUUF collects needed items for EFAA .

I Have A Dream

Since 2012, the Fellowship has committed to support I Have a Dream (IHAD) Dreamer Scholars from elementary through high school, beginning at Pioneer Elementary in Lafayette. A half-plate offering is taken four times a year to fund our commitment for these low income students. In addition, individual Fellowship members provide financial support as well as hands-on tutoring in Lafayette schools. Training is provided by IHAD.

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC)

Our congregation supports the UUSC with donations, the sale of holiday cards and Equal Exchange products, and participation in the Guest at Your Table donation boxes during the holiday season. Members and friends support the projects of the UUSC through letter writing and signing petitions.

Welcoming Congregation 

We are a Welcoming Congregation striving for radical inclusion, and creating spaces that honor every part of our identities, backgrounds, and experiences. We support Pridefest and other efforts among the wider public initiated by LGBTQ+ people.

Interfaith AIDS Coalition (IAC)

We are members of the Interfaith Aids Coalition, a program of the  Boulder County Aids Project. We hold annual food drives for BCAP, including an Easter can hunt, and donate through our half-plate offerings.  Several members directly volunteer with BCAP.

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