How we are Organized

Board of Officers and Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the primary fiduciary body of the Fellowship and is responsible for visioning, strategic planning, and overseeing those things that allow our ministries to grow: our facilities, personnel, finance, and technology. The Board creates the structure through which our programs and ministry can thrive.

Committee on Shared Ministries

The Committee on Shared Ministries assesses, supports, and advocates for robust and shared ministry throughout congregational life. This elected committee provides leadership, mission, and vision to the Fellowship’s ministry programs. It also serves as a channel of communication between congregants and the minister. It oversees our councils.

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee nominates candidates to become Officers and Trustees and presents the slate prior to the Annual Business Meeting in the spring.  LDC also facilitates a Leadership Retreat for elected leaders and chairs of committees and councils every fall, at the beginning of the church year.