Discover the Power of Collaboration: The Service Associate Program 

At our Fellowship, we believe in sharing leadership in all aspects of our community. That’s why our services aren’t just led by our minister—they’re co-created by our dynamic team of Service Associates (SAs). 

Every year, 8-12 talented members are chosen to work alongside our minister and music director to craft meaningful and moving experiences for all of us. Through poignant reflections, stirring readings, and thoughtful messages, Service Associates add depth, authenticity, and richness to every service.

Explore Diverse Voices

Imagine a mosaic, each piece a story of change, insight, and inspiration, coming together to make one cohesive piece of art. Each associate brings their own unique experience to our weekly gatherings. Sharing the pulpit in this way allows us to center a diverse range of voices, adding color and texture to our understanding of ourselves and the world, enriching our community, and fostering stronger connection between us. 

Contribute to Our Community Dialogue

We invite individuals who are passionate about making a difference to join us. Working closely with our minister, you’ll have the chance to bring your unique perspective to our services, encouraging thoughtfulness and compassion. It’s an opportunity to engage with our community in ways that inspire and challenge us all. 

Embark on a Journey of Growth and Connection

Becoming a SA is a commitment to growth—personally and within our community. The monthly team meetings are an opportunity for listening, learning, and deepening your journey as a UU. Terms are for one year, with many choosing to serve a second year. 

Join Us in Shaping a Thoughtful Community

Let’s create meaningful experiences together. Applications are accepted in the spring to begin the following August. For more information on how to apply, please get in touch with our Service Associate Coordinators.