Aug. 17, 2014 School of the Spirit Weekly Update

Kindergarten – 5th grades:  ” Pete Seeger, U.U.”  Children will attend the first part of the service in the sanctuary with their families. Service leaders Dr. Banjo, Pete Wernick and Ellen Lavurdure have a special “For All Ages” planned. Then join Katie and Rachel for continuing activities celebrating Pete Seeger and folkmusic.

Preschool/Nursery- loving care with our staffers, Alyssa and Emily.

Youth 6th grade and older are invited to help with the younger children or attend the service.




Sunday, Aug.24-Blessing of the Animals, 10 a.m.

Rev. Lydia and I are offering the Animal Blessing Service on Sunday, August 24 at 10 a.m. in the Nature Playground. Bring your cross-species family members (dogs, cats, chickens, fish, geckos, hamsters have all attended. Pictures and mementos are welcome, too. If you don’t have an animal in your life, feel free to come and enjoy, too!) Would you like to take part? I’m going to invite the community and would like to show off our grounds and program.
Perk up the playground, help set up or help take down. We also need canopies to borrow for shade.
PS. There will be an alternative lay-led service offered in the sanctuary.
Come join the fun and thoughtful moments as we “give worth” to the pets who journey with us.


Water Slide at the W408__350x350_25 Jungle surf n slideater Service, Sunday, Sept.7, 9 or 11 a.m.!

As part of celebrating the element of water, we will have a 25′ WATER SLIDE on the front lawn. Children and Youth will be invited to enjoy it during part of the services, and then ALL AGES may play after each service. Rev. Lydia has vowed to slide, will you? Come dressed in old clothes, or a bathing suit!


Sunday, August 31, 10 a.m. on Labor Day Weekend, there will be informal activities for the last of our Summer Sundays.


September’s theme is Unity. So far, we have brainstormed

  •  ArtJam of “Enso/Zen Circles” ink painting,
  • StoryJam and TinkerJam of “Bundle of Sticks” with storyteller Wynn Montgomery,
  • BodyJam called “The Human Machine” and “Knots”
  • MusicJam with drumming (one rhythm!)
  • and a ServiceJam of helping with EmergencyPreparedness Kits.

Want to join in the fun? Have an idea to explore “Unity?” Contact Katie, see below.

School of the Spirit Staff:

  • Emily CongerYouth Coordinator , 
  • Rachel StevensonSpiritJam Teacher and Religious Education Assistant, 
  • Michael Newman, SpiritJam Teacher
  • Katie CoveyDirector of Religious Education,