Board Update: December

Your Board met on December 13 and discussed and approved several important items.  We approved a significant personnel action–recognizing our Office Manager’s dedication and hard work during the recent extended period of staff vacancies by approving a special financial award for Carol Pranschke based on the net savings in staff salaries during that period.

We also supported three worthwhile causes by authorizing a Unity Plaza fund-raiser for BeadforLife and by waiving the usual 15% BVUUF share of the recent School of the Spirit fund-raiser for Unidos, which is contributing to Puerto Rican Hurricane Relief efforts.  In a conference call meeting on December 8, we had approved a request from the Social Justice Council to use $500 from the Gilbert Fund to support the December 15 La Posada celebration (see The President’s Message for a description of this event).

We also approved using $300 from the Building Maintenance Fund for rental of a tractor needed by the Campus Preservation Task Force for further temporary efforts at prairie dog control.  In more routine business, we approved two policies recommended by the Finance Committee and one developed by the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) at the request of the Board.  All Board members agreed to update their job descriptions for use by the LDC members as they begin identifying candidates for elected positions that will become vacant in June.