Board Update for April

The BVUUF Board of Officers and Trustees held its regular monthly meeting on April 15 via Zoom.  After lighting the chalice and watching a video on joy as a reflection,  Board members continued their discussion of Widening the Circle of Concern, a report by the UUA Commission on Institutional Change.  This month’s focus was on innovation and risk-taking to enhance inclusivity and anti-racism. The Board then took the following business actions:

  • Approved the Consent Agenda consisting of the 2021-03-18 Board Meeting Minutes, the March Building Budget Report, the April Congregational Health Dashboard, and the Treasurer’s Report for April.
  • Considered, and then tabled, proposals from the Finance Committee related to policies for gift acceptance, access to investment account data, and bylaws changes.  These will be re-considered at the May meeting.
  • Approved a proposal to promote use of a newly developed BVUUF Board Policy Log by members of future Boards.  The Policy Log lists and includes links to policies enacted by current and past BVUUF Boards since 1989.
  • Approved the allocation of $300 from the Stoner Fund to support the ordination of Jen Simon, Racial Justice Minister for The Mountain Top, a UU BIPOC community. 

The Board also discussed a preliminary budget for 2021-22 and potential candidates for the two trustee positions and the Secretary position open on next year’s Board. 

For further information about any of these items, please contact Gloria Pearlstein at  

The next regular Board meeting will be held May 20, 2021, 6:30-9:00 PM, via Zoom.  If you are interested in attending, please let Gloria know.