Board Update for May and June

The Board spent the last two months of the 2020/2021 church year getting ready for the Annual Congregational Meeting, acting on four policy proposals from the Finance Committee, and looking ahead to opening the new building.

In preparation for the Annual Meeting on June 12, the Board:

  • Approved the slate of nominees for elected offices submitted by the Leadership Development Committee.
  • Approved a 2021-2022 budget proposal developed by the budget team and agreed that the Board will review that budget after 6 months.
  • Accepted recommended changes to the 2009 Resolution Establishing an Endowment Fund.  The Finance Committee proposed these revisions in order to update obsolete references and practices.
  • Accepted the Finance Committee’s proposal to change the BVUUF Bylaws to reflect the changes made to the Resolution Establishing an Endowment Fund.  

At the Annual Congregational Meeting on June 2, the congregation voted in favor of all the items listed above.

At its regular meeting on June 17, the Board approved two additional policies recommended by the Finance Committee.  These included:

  • A Gift Acceptance Policy that clarifies the types of gifts the Fellowship will accept, the administrative procedures for acknowledging gifts, and how the value of non-monetary gifts will be determined. 
  • An Operating Reserves Management Policy that sets a target of maintaining operating reserves equal to 4 months of Fellowship expenses. 

During May and June, the Board also:

  • Approved principles to guide decision-making related to opening the building for in-person meetings, School of the Spirit classes, and Sunday services.
  • Amended the Building Fund budget by maintaining $50,000 in contingency funds rather than using that money to pay down the long-term mortgage loan.  This step was taken in order to provide flexibility for funding short-term maintenance support for the sophisticated systems in the new building.
  • Appointed delegates to the 2021 UUA General Assembly and approved financial support for attendees and delegates who requested it.
  • Appointed a new member to the Investment Committee, which is responsible for overseeing and managing the Fellowship’s invested funds.  

The Board held its final meeting of the year at the new building.  Because of COVID restrictions, this was the first time this year that the Board was able to meet in person.  President Nancy DiLaura led a discussion of the Board’s accomplishments over the year and turned over leadership to Scott Youmans, next year’s President.

This is my last Update from the Board because I have completed my term as Secretary.  Welcome and best wishes to incoming Secretary Diane Witt.  If you have questions about anything in this update, please email