Board Update: January

Your Board had two business meetings in January, plus a Budget Visioning session with the ministers, CoSM, and representatives of the Building and Personnel Committees.  Much of the business meeting time was devoted to planning the February 3 Meeting of the Minds and Momentum (MoMM).  Other significant actions included:

  • Approving the final draft of the Congregational Covenant of Right Relations for presentation at MoMM for a congregational vote.
  • Approving the proposed Pledge Drive goal of $410,000.
  • Agreeing that the vacated Trustee position will remain vacant through June because less than half of the Fellowship Year remains
  • Authorizing use of up to $2000 from the Legacy Fund to support member participation in General Assembly and/or PWR’s Regional Assembly.  The Leadership Development Committee will design specific criteria for use of these funds.
  • Approving BVUUF support for a proposed revision to UUA ByLaws as requested by the UU Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA).
  • Approving a revised template for future “Proposals for Board Action”
  • Reviewing a draft Conflict Resolution process and requesting that CoSM revise this document prior to distribution