Board Update-June, 2018

At its June meeting, before Elisabeth Kern passed the gavel to Marky Lloyd, your Board took the following actions:

  • Discussed feedback received at the June 10 information session and approved moving forward with the approach to prairie dog abatement recommended by the Campus Preservation Task Force, consisting of (1) live trapping of prairie dogs and removal for use in the Black Footed Ferret Program and (2) euthanizing untrapped prairie dogs (estimated to be 10%) using humane and effective lethal control, primarily carbon monoxide. The estimated cost is $ 4,860.
  • Approved a contract with Animal & Pest Control Specialist, Inc. (APCS) to implement the approved plan. The costs of this service will be paid from a soon-to-be- established special fund with any remaining balance not to exceed $5000 to be paid from the Building Fund (aka “Building Maintenance Fund”).  The proposed special fund will be created by the EcoJustice Task Force to receive monies from several summer Half Plates and other fund-raising activities.
  • Awarded GA Delegate credentials to Clara Kelley and Dave Leonard.
  • Approved a motion expanding the definition of appropriate uses for the funds awarded to the LDC in January to include support for appropriate BVUUF members to attend leadership development training beyond PWR and GA events.
  • Approved creation of a Tech(nology) Team to be headed by Keith Searight, who will recruit members. The Team will then develop a charter for approval by Administration.  That charter will include analysis of remote participation in Congregational Meetings.
  • Arranged for one-on-one orientations for new Board members (Elliot Good and Susan Bateman)


After Elisabeth turned the meeting over to Marky, we bid farewell to Elisabeth and to Hannah Grosser, whose one-year term as Trustee ends on June 30, and thanked both for their service.  The Board then:

  • Approved Wynn Montgomery to serve another year as Board Secretary pending concurrence of the LDC.
  • Approved the May financial reports and Board meeting minutes and the minutes of the Congregational Meeting.