Board Update for November

Your Board had another busy month.  At our regular meeting, we approved several proposals with financial implications–authorizing use of an additional $37,500 from the Building Fund for expenses associated with the Capital Campaign; approving a proposal to initiate the process for hiring an Intern for 2018-19; and accepting the Finance Committee’s recommendation that BVUUF accept donations in the form of BitCoins.  We also approved a revised charter for the Finance Committee and authorized creation of a Preparedness Team, which is asked to (1) develop no- or low-cost security improvements and (2) advise the Building Committee regarding desirable security installations.  We agreed to table temporarily the discussion how to use the Margaret Stoner monies.  All of these decisions were reached unanimously.  Reverend Lydia also led the Board through a “polarity analysis” related to “I ” and  “We” mentalities, and we approved a plan for improving/streamlining the Board’s presence on the BVUUF website.

The Board planned and executed the logistics of the November 12 Special Congregational Business Meeting, where the congregation voted unanimously (107-0) to initiate a Capital Campaign with a goal of raising $2.6 million to renovate and expand our current building.

On November 18, five Board Members (Elisabeth, Marky, Hannah, Robert, and Wynn) journeyed to Ft. Collins and joined representatives from nine other UU congregations in CO and WY for a Board Development Day that focused on building trust, moving from “I” to “We,” and leading change.  It was a fine opportunity to learn what other congregations are doing and to discuss our own activities.

Happy Holidays!!!!


-Wynn Montgomery, Secretary of the Board