Category: Intern Interludes

February Intern Interludes

Lucille Clifton’s poem “Running Into a New Year” begins with the phrase “I am running into a new year/and the old year’s blow back,” reminding me that the places where I find beginnings are also the places where I experience loss, letting go, and … read more.

January Intern Interludes

Recently, after a worship service I led at BVUUF, I received two exactly opposite responses to the service from several different people. This reminded me of the many diverse needs we each bring to worship, as well as the diverse frames we use to understand … read more.

December Intern Interludes

By: Ministerial Intern, Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan

I am now officially about three months into my internship with Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist, and I already feel like I have been part of your community for much longer. We have looked at vision, transcendence, and now generosity together. I … read more.

November Intern Interludes

By: Ministerial Intern, Sarah Oglesby-Dunegan

Two months into my work with BVUUF, I can say that I have met many of you, been to many different meetings both at BVUUF and with collaborative partners outside BVUUF, planned trainings and retreats, led and assisted in worship, and … read more.