Searching for a greater sense of community within BVUUF?


Covenant Groups provide many fellowship members and friends with deep personal connections.

Each group sets their own guidelines, but the following is typical:


  • 8-12 participants meet monthly at member’s homes or other available location for about two hours. Members decide on the day and time.
  • New members commit to attending meetings, whenever possible, for at least one year.
  • Group discussions revolve around a pre-arranged spiritual or philosophical topic.
  • Most groups undertake a service project each year.
  • Each has a trained facilitator to liaison with BVUUF resources; some groups agree that members will share leadership.


One key issue is deep listening. Covenant members enjoy listening and being listened to, without interruption, in a safe place. These conversations build a deeper understanding of each other and can be an important link in our caring community.


Discussion topics have included such things as sacred places, perfection, parenthood, community, living simply, music, and healing. Group members choose their topics, and decide how casual or prescribed conversations will be.


BVUUF currently has eight Covenant Groups, loosely aligned by location or special interest. To learn more about joining an ongoing group – or initiating a new one – contact co-coordinators using our Contact Form.