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Rev. Teri Schwartz
Transition Minister

The Rev. Teri Schwartz is a UU minister serving congregations in transition and providing pastoral counseling in private practice. She will be serving as the Transition Minister for Boulder Valley UU Fellowship from February through July 2024.
Teri brings 20 years of ministerial experience ranging from lead congregational ministry to professional chaplaincy in hospitals, hospice, palliative care, and to UU seminarians. A graduate of Harvard Divinity School and Brown University, Rev. Teri has perhaps learned the most from living with multiple (mostly invisible, yet most definitely significant) disabilities that profoundly shape her life and inform her ministry. She practices yoga, meditation, and writing to sustain and develop her body, mind, and spirit one day at a time (but mostly to keep her wits about her!). Originally from Portland, Oregon, Teri moved to Colorado two years ago from southside Chicago. She currently lives in Longmont, Colorado with her spouse, the Rev. David Schwartz; their two kids, Jay (15) and Matthew (12); a giant 166-pound St. Bernard dog, Pilot; 3 cats; and perhaps too many plants.