The Grocery Card Program

The refillable grocery card program is a way you can support the Fellowship financially without any cost to you. It is simple and convenient. First, buy a Safeway or King Soopers card from Elizabeth Robinson at the back of the Sanctuary on Sunday morning. The cost is $10, but it comes with $10 credit. At the store, money can be added to the card at the service counter or at the checkout register with, for example, a debit or credit card. The card can then be used for all purchases at the store. There is no extra cost, and 5% of all purchases comes to the Fellowship. We already get around $5000 per year, but there is potential for much more. Consider this. If 50 additional families, spending an average of $100 per week, were to use the program, the annual income to the Fellowship would be $13,000! Some of you may already be using grocery cards to benefit some other organization, but if you are not, then please consider benefitting the Fellowship. Non-refillable coupons for Vitamin Cottage are also available.