January Update from the Board

The BVUUF Board of Officers and Trustees held two meetings in January, both largely focused on plans for the 2020-2021 church year, which begins in July.  At its regular meeting on January 16, the Board adopted the following congregational goals for 2020-2021. These goals were based on the leadership visioning retreat held on January 11:

As part of being a Center for Spiritual Exploration and Justice Making, in the 2020–2021 Fellowship year, we will:

  1. Reimagine worship, music, and the arts by experimenting with alternate modes of spiritual exploration on Sundays and beyond.
  2. Deepen and expand our connections to outside communities engaged in justice making.
  3. Further align our Personnel Compensation Structures with UUA Compensation Recommendations and our values of fairness, equity, and inclusivity.
  4. Reintroduce ourselves to our neighbors and the broader region by implementing our communications strategy developed in the Spring of 2020.
  5. Strengthen our beloved community by broadening and deepening the ways we connect with and care for one another.

In addition, the Board:

  • Approved a pledge drive goal for the 2020-2021 church year that is 7 percent higher than the goal for 2019-2020, to bring pledge income to $479,600.  The goal is based on projected cost increases for staff compensation, maintenance of our expanded building, and program enhancements.
  • Adopted a resolution to congratulate the LUUP leadership team on winning a $20,000 grant from the UU Funding program.  Board President Marky Lloyd will present the resolution to LUUP in February.  

The Board also held a Special Meeting on January 23 to plan actions for identifying possible nominees for open Board positions for the 2020-2021 church year. The office of Treasurer and three trustee positions are open.

For more information about any of these items, please contact Gloria Pearlstein at secretary@bvuuf.org.