Scenes from Doug and Deb Schmidt’s home at the holidays:

Joan Mulcahy and Hans Jordan around their Christmas Tree:

Photos from David and Alissa Burrous:

Carol Pranschke’s handmade Christmas Tree:

Decorations inside and outside the home of Kathy Partridge:

Photos from Dianne Ladd:

Larry LaVerdure shares these photos of their gingerbread house tradition:

Outdoor decor from Judy Schmidt:

Annemarie Jensen’s collection of nutcrackers:

Dave Leonard’s holiday memories include family walks and wildflowers:

Mary Stackpole’s kids enjoy decorating cookies

Clockwise – from the left – Josephina, Tyler, and Elynore Stackpole

Clara Kelly and her daughter Maeve setting out oatmeal for the Tomten. Clara says, “I am 1/8 Icelandic, which is frankly a big percentage for a mutt of European heritage such as myself, and so I try to keep a handful of Icelandic holiday traditions alive. The Tomten traditionally helps take care of a farm, the land and its animals, but in the suburbs, he helps more with the yard and with pets. So Maeve wrote him a card thanking him for taking care of our animals, and we left him his oatmeal with a pat of butter on top, which is also traditional.”

Photos from Kathleen Jeffries:

Holiday decorations plus cat from Cindy Stark Reid:

Here is a centerpiece that Board President Nancy DiLaura has put together:

Meri & Paul Gibb’s dog, Molly, “helps” with wrapping presents:

Mary Headley is in a biweekly Spanish conversation group that normally has a holiday potluck lunch and cookie exchange. Not wanting to give up the tradition totally, they met outside for hot cocoa and exchanged wrapped cookie packages.

Scott Youman’s and Kelly LoGiudice’s cat, Ace loves getting into the holiday spirit, whether that’s Halloween or Christmas! We adopted Ace from a shelter. He enjoys spending time with Scott at work, pictured here in his very decorated home office. He also enjoys cleaning whatever dishes they’ve left on the kitchen counter, even though it often gives him an allergic reaction. His favorite toy is the ribbon-on-a-stick toy that he will leap high in the air to capture!