Sept. 7, 2014 Water Slide Service

Explore the Unity of Water with the Water Service and Water Slide, 9 and 11 a.m.!   25′ WATER SLIDE on the front lawn.  ALL AGES may play after each service.


9 and 11 a.m. Kindergarten408__350x350_25 Jungle surf n slide – Third Grades:  “CircleJam and Water Slide”  Third graders and younger are invited to the CircleJam with Katie, Michael and Rachel, then exit to the water slide. (Really, anyone can join us if they don’t want to go to the service.)

9 and 11 a.m. Fourth and up: “Water Service and Water Slide” Older children and youth are invited to join the adults for the first part of the service then exit to the water slide.

All the youth and children will join the adults for the “Merging of the Waters” at the end of the service. Note: that means we will be wet, so bring a towel and warm clothes as needed.

After each service: All ages are invited to partake of the Water Slide! Bring old clothes or a suit. Indulge your playfulness!

9 and 11 a.m. Preschool/Nursery- Welcome to Chalice Children with Miss Ari, our new Early Childhood Teacher with Solymar Kneale (9 a.m.) and Talia Ferrante-Roseberry (11 a.m.) helpers. ( We will not be bringing the preschoolers out to the water slide, but parents are welcome to bring their little ones after each service)



  Enso/Zen Circle Meditation  

Special session for adults and youth, 12:30 p.m. – 1:15 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 21 Space is limited to 15 participants, cost$20. Register online

Meditation then painting with horsehair brushes on rice paper. The enso,  zen circle, is unity in breath, body and mind.

About the Artist: Lisa Gyako Schaewe engages in creative process as a form of meditation practice.   She is adjunct faculty at Naropa University and facilitates Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction groups and workshops combining contemplative practice and creative process.


Drums and Drummers needed, Sunday, Sept.14, 9 or 11 a.m.  SpiritJam staffer Michael Newman is a djembe drummer. He will be offering a MusicJam and invites other drummers to join him to explore the theme of “Unity” through drumming. Do you have a drum to loan us for the morning? Would you like to be a part of the drum circle? Contact Michael at or 303-665-4280×104. 



Apple Harvest Picnic, Sunday Sept. 21, 12 – 2 p.m.

BYO  picnic/sack lunch and a picnic blanket. All ages are welcome!    Pick our apples!

No RSVPs are required for this event, but if you have questions or if you have any apple processing equipment that you’d be able to bring (peeler/corers; press for cider; dryer, etc.) Contact Martin Ogle at  [We’d like to know what kind of such equipment is available and expected.]

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Your School of the Spirit Staff:

  • Emily CongerYouth Coordinator , 
  • Ari Flauta, Early Childhood Teacher
  • Rachel StevensonSpiritJam Teacher and Religious Education Assistant, 
  • Michael NewmanSpiritJam Teacher,
  • Katie CoveyDirector of the School of the Spirit,