In the spirit of abundance, each Sunday since the beginning of September 2011, our congregation has been giving half of each service’s offering plate to groups outside our Fellowship that further our vision, which is bringing love and reason to life and building a just and compassionate world, as well as aspects of our mission, such as leading generous lives that fully align our resources with our values, and expressing our values through outreach and action locally and beyond.

What if you know of a great organization?

Use this nomination form to nominate the organization to be considered for a half-plate donation. You’ll be asked for background on the organization and why it should be supported. You’ll be expected to provide contact information, a short write-up, and any outreach/publicity that accompanies the collection.

Half-Plate Nomination Form


About the Half-plate committee
The BVUUF Board of Officers and Trustees has empowered the Half-Plate team to lead this effort, and this team has created a set of guidelines and a process for the selection of groups that advance our mission as well as reflect the worship theme each month. These guidelines are outlined below. The team is currently led by Kathy Partridge (chair) and Dianne Ladd (co-chair) The team is always interested in having new members. Team members will be ratified by our elected Leadership Development Committee.

The half-plate collection is a ‘work in progress.’
We would appreciate feedback on guidelines, along with recommendations of groups. Please contact a team member with your input and/or for more information. If we all make it a practice to contribute, even a small amount, it will add up! If you are paying your pledge with a check in the collection plate, please write ‘pledge‘ on the memo line. Half of all other checks will go each week to the worthy organization recommended by members of the congregation.

Half-Plate Guidelines
The nominator should be active in the BVUUF community. Nominator may be a volunteer or board member of the group nominated, but may not be paid staff of the group nominated. Nominator will submit to the Half-Plate Committee a completed application, noting preferred Sunday (to be no sooner than six weeks from application date), that includes:

  1. Name and contact info of contact person
  2. Name and address of the recipient for the check
  3. A one-page standardized application form
  4. A draft paragraph for Connections Weekly (this will be approved by the Committee before publication)

In addition the nominator should be willing to:

  1. Speak during service and/ or afterwards about the group on the day of the collection, as space and time allows
  2. Serve if applicable as contact and liaison for the group before and after the collection

The Half-Plate Committee will review all applications and make decisions based on the following criteria:

  1. The group is a good fit with UU Principles and the BVUUF mission
  2. The group has a connection with someone in our congregation
  3. The group works for social transformation and self-help, but can also provide direct service.
  4. Colorado-based groups receive preference, but we are open to other regions
  5. Grassroots groups with close ties to the community receive preference

The Half Plate collection process was developed in partnership with BVUUF office and communications staff.

Examples of Past Recipients
  • Mile High Red Cross
  • UUSC/UUA Pakistan Flood Relief
  • O.A.S.O.S
  • UUA Association Sunday
  • Intercambio de Comunidades
  • HospiceCare of Boulder County
  • Vets Helping Vets