This Sunday in CYRE: Sangha-UU Principle 3, We Help Each Other Learn

kids meditatingSummer in CYRE: All children begin the day in the CYRE classroom. One service at 10 a.m. (K-5 in Pauling. Preschool/Nursery in the Preschool room.)

Summer has arrived, we will spend a considerable amount of time outdoors so we ask that you provide your children with ample sun protection; sunscreen and hats.

“Please pick up your children from the Summer Sunday Program staff by 11:15 a.m., after the service. Everyone is invited to stay and play in the playground and visit, if you so desire.

In the Multi-Age K-5th grade classroom (With your permission and our kid’s willingness) Jamil will be continuing a field test of meditations, activities, and multimedia resources that may eventually be used in a Buddhist UU curriculum for children.

10 a.m. K-5: Fiona Freeman-Grundei will continue our Buddhism UU series, this week we will discuss community or Sangha. Buddhist believe there are three reliances in life; the teacher (one who shows the truth), the teachings (science and logical reasoning) and community. We have discussed the historical Buddha and his teachings; this Sunday we will discuss how our UU fellowship can be a safe place to question and learn.

a. Brief meditation session

b. Watch a portion of the film began last week by Pentamedia Graphics Ltd. titled “The Legend of Buddha.” 

c. Discuss Sangha and how this fellowship is a place where we practice, question and discover our faith.

d. Make a sand mandala (traditional artistic depiction of community) which depicts our fellowship, family and the world community.

10 a.m. Preschool/ Nursery: Emily Soder and Juliette Mettes will provide childcare, games and much love for our preschool and nursery children.


Next year’s program – how do you want to join? Check it out here.

Coming of Age Guide needed for 2013/14- 2x/mo (Sept. – May), Sundays 12:30 – 2 p.m. Reflect/mentor/listen with eight 8/9th graders as they explore our U.U. faith. Two retreats.  Join Linda Spencer and Laura Murray, guides. Contact CYRE if you are interested. (

Needed: simple cardboard or wooden Puppet Theatre by next fall for the preschool.

Emily CongerYouth Coordinator
Jamil ScottReligious Education Assistant
Katie CoveyDirector of Religious Education

Boulder Valley U.U. Fellowship, 303-665-4280 x 104