Update from the Board-April, 2019

On April 18, your Board held its regular monthly meeting at Frasier Meadows. All six members were present as was Ministerial Intern AJ van Tine. At that meeting, we:

  • Received an update on the budgeting process, which is working well; however, there is unlikely to be enough money to meet all requests even if we meet our pledge goal, and pledges received to date equal only 85% of that goal.
  • Approved a process for responding quickly to construction change orders
  • Designated Nancy DiLaura and Wendie Highsmith as the congregation’s  official delegates to the 2019 General Assembly and collaborated with the Leadership Development Committee to provide funding for the delegates’ GA registration fee
  • Approved a revised Building Project budget, adding $100K  received from the anonymous donor for a new line item: “Enhancements”
  • Approved a revision to Building Project Policy #7 increasing the ceiling on the Change Order amount that the Construction Management Team can approve from $5K to $10K
  • Approved a change order adding $18,000 to the cost for insulation to be paid with additional funds from the anonymous donor
  • Approved the Auction Committee’s charter
  • Approved the minutes of the March Board meeting
  • Accepted the March reports from the Treasurer, the Building Project Finance Committee, and the Construction Management Team
  • Had an initial discussion of proposed revisions to the By Laws, which will be presented to the congregation in June
  • Continued our discussions of The Tao of Leadership and of process changes that might shorten our meetings