UPDATE from the BOARD-August, 2018

At its regular monthly meeting on August 23, your Board welcomed another new member—Trustee Nancy DiLaura—and addressed the following issues:
• Adopted a slightly revised Board Covenant
• Considered a request from the Building Committee regarding policies related to management of the construction project and unanimously approved (1) a clarifying modification to the language of one policy approved in July and (2) one additional policy establishing guidelines for changes in line-item construction budgets.
• Discussed plans for using funds from the Stoner Fund to support “mission and outreach” activities identified by the Social Justice Council and agreed to ask the SJC to develop criteria for selecting such projects.
• Received an update on the activities of the Religious Education Transition Search Team and learned that important decisions must be made in October
• Identified locations where the Board will meet during the construction period
• Approved the minutes of the July Board meeting and accepted the financial reports for July.
• Adopted procedures for Board members to transport monies and visitor forms collected at Sunday services at Angevine to the temporary office in Louisville.