At its regular monthly meeting on July 11, your Board welcomed two new members—Vice President Elliot Good and Trustee Susan Bateman—and addressed the following issues:

  1. Reviewed three Requests for Board Action from the Building Committee and unanimously approved:
    o Use of $100,000 in available funds from the Future Building Fund for the Construction Drawing phase of the building project.
    o A line-item budget that projects in more detail how the $3,950,000 budget approved by the congregation will be spent
    o Policies that (1) rename the Future Building Acquisition Fund (it is now the Future Building Fund) and (2) specify responsibilities for approval of contracts, agreements, and construction change orders; for payment of invoices associated with the building project; and for moving funds provided by the anonymous donor from the Longmont Community Fund to the Future Building Fund.
  2. Discussed the vacant Trustee position and agreed to ask the Leadership Development Committee to identify suitable candidates as soon as possible
  3. Approved the minutes of the June Board Meeting and (at a special meeting on July 15) accepted the Treasurer’s year-end financial reports, which contained much positive information

The Board also received a report on the early activities of the newly-created Executive Committee, which consists of two members from each BVUUF elected body, and members were assigned to serve as Liaisons to those groups that report to the Board. During a discussion of its own internal procedures, the Board agreed to continue its discussion of the Board Covenant in August after a couple of items have been refined/clarified. Several procedures for streamlining and shortening meetings will be tried, including assigning a member to serve as a “process observer” at each meeting.