On June 13, your Board held its final regular monthly meeting of the church year at Frasier Meadows. All six members were present as were Reverend Lydia and Ministerial Intern AJ van Tine. At that meeting, we:

  • Continued our discussions of The Tao of Leadership
  • Reviewed a proposed Budget Management Policy that would give increased flexibility to shift among line item amounts within larger functional and council budgets provided the budget’s bottom line is not increased and sent the policy back to the Finance Committee for additional clarification.
  • Approved minor changes in a few personnel costs as recommended by the Personnel Committee, the net effect being to reduce total projected 2019-20 expenditures by approximately $2000. 
  • Approved a policy to maintain and update a detailed central record of all organizational policies approved by the congregation or the Board of Officers and Trustees.
  • Approved and/or accepted
    • Board minutes for May 16 and May 29 (Zoom meeting)
    • June 2 Annual Meeting minutes
    • May Treasurer’s Report
    • May Building Project Finance Report
    • Construction Management Team Report
  • Approved a policy specifying the required level of detail for minutes of Board meetings.
  • Reviewed the recent Annual Meeting and discussed ways to improve future meetings
  • Discussed refinements to existing job descriptions
  • Bid farewell to the Board Secretary and one Trustee and to Intern Minister AJ van Tine.

At a special June 29 Board Meeting, your Board also approved four Change Orders (presented by Jim Highsmith, Building Committee Co-Chair) for the following necessary changes: 

  • Additional Foundation Excavation and Rock Fill ($13,994)
  • Additional Electrical Conduit for the A/V system($18,960)
  • Dirt Export (approved up to $40,000 pending final estimate from contractor)
  • Landscaping Items that the City of Lafayette would not allow to be cut from prior review (approved up to $20,000 pending final estimate)

At that same meeting, the Board approved BASICONLINE as BVUUF’s Third Party Administrator for our new Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement (QSEHRA)