Update from the Board – September 2019

At its regular monthly meeting on September 19, your BVUUF Board took action on two proposals and discussed a number of topics that may lead to future Board proposals and actions.  In the absence of President Marky Lloyd, who was traveling, Vice President Nancy DiLaura chaired the meeting. Actions taken included:  

Considering eight proposed Board goals for 2019/2020.  The Board approved seven of the proposed goals, but will continue to refine and clarify the eighth goal and reconsider it at the next meeting.  That goal relates to ways that the Board will attempt to identify and overcome policies, practices, and structures that unwittingly serve as barriers to full inclusion based on race, ethnicity, disabilities, gender, marital or family status, socio-economic status, or other factors.  

Amending steps for proposing new policies.  The Board amended its policy for proposing new policies by specifying that anyone proposing a new policy shall consult the database of existing policies, which the Board maintains, and then describe in the proposal what (if any) effect the new policy will have on existing policies included in that database.

Other topics discussed during the meeting included:

Board Charter.  Board members reviewed a draft Board Charter and identified a number of items that require further clarification or research.  The Board will vote on the Charter at the October meeting.

Possible Electric Vehicle Charging Station.  Rev. Lydia informed the Board that she and others met with the Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) about grant resources for the possible installation of an electric vehicle charging station at BVUUF.  

Restricted Funds Management.  Nancy reported that the Committee on Shared Ministries (COSM) has developed a chart to show how it will manage the restricted funds that the Board recently transferred to them.  Board members applauded COSM’s efforts.

Preparedness Committee:  The Board heard a brief report on the actions of the Preparedness Committee, which is planning safety processes to be used in the new building.

Recruiting Leaders for Next Year. Nancy reported that based on current members’ terms of office, the Board could have 5 openings next year.  The Board will be working with the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) and COSM to recruit people to serve in elected leadership roles next year.  Are you interested?

The next Board meeting is scheduled for October 17, 2019, 6:00-8:30 PM, at Frasier Retirement Community.

If you’d like more information about anything in this update, please email Gloria Pearlstein at secretary@bvuuf.org