Give+ App makes giving easy.

Give+ is an App you can download to your phone from the App Store or from Google Play. Contributions/payments can be directed towards an annual pledge, the capital campaign pledge, or the auction.

1 When you open the app the first time, it asks you to pick your charity to get started. You enter the Fellowship’s zip code, 80026, and a list of churches will pop up.

2 Select the Fellowship from the list.

3 On the next screen, tap the Give Now button.

4 Then select the destination of this contribution: your annual pledge, your capital campaign giving, or the auction.

If paying towards the auction, important items to note are –

  • Only dollar amounts (no cents) can be entered.
  • The app that offers to photograph your credit card is not working at this time.

5 Then you will get screens to enter the amount and your credit card information.

Thank you for your generosity.