The Vanco Faith Engagement Mobile App makes giving by credit card easy.

Vanco is an app you can download to your phone from the App Store or from Google Play. Contributions/payments can be directed towards:

  • the half plate collection,
  • your annual pledge,
  • general donations,
  • summer day camp,
  • the annual auction, or
  • purchases at a concert, such as snacks.

When you open the app the first time, it asks you to search for your organization. Search “Boulder Valley” and the Fellowship will come up. Click on its name.

On the next screen, tap the “Give” button at the bottom of the page.

Then select the destination from the drop down arrow, and enter the $ amount. (A minimum of $3 is required.)

When prompted, please consider adding a few dollars to cover the credit card processing fee. Thank you!

Finally, you will see screens to create an account and/or enter your credit card information.

If paying towards the auction, please note that only dollar amounts (no cents) can be entered.

Thank you for your generosity.