10 Neat Things to Know about the New Website

1. For each tab running across the top of the home page, from Home to Get Connected, click on any of them and you will see the dropdown menus, with more submenus in a lefthand sidebar.

2. The photos you see “sliding,” or rotating, on the top of the Home Page, are displayed for about 3 seconds each. Most of them contain a “Click Here” or “Read More” link in the bottom right corner. 3 of the photos are meant to be there long-term; I recently added a graphic and link for an upcoming event, the Oct. 21 retreat “A Buddhist Look at Courage, with David Chernikoff”. When that event arrives, a new photo will be posted, probably for the auction.

3. Easy to find and use links to Directions, Search on key words, Donate, Contact Us – All found in the upper right of every webpage on the site.

4. Contacting a staff member or minister is made easier! Find staff emails on the Contact Us webpage, and at the bottom of each staff member’s individual bio page.

To find bios, click on Our Fellowship from the home page, then on Our Ministers and Staff on the left hand side bar.

5. When you’re on the Our Ministers and Staff page, please note that approximate work hours for each staff member are listed on the right hand side.

6. Under the News & Events tab is a dropdown called Events, which will list public-friendly events held at the Fellowship.
Further down are writings from leaders and staff, in other words, blogs (other than De Anna’s for School of the Spirit). We’re still getting our rhythm around posting blogs; we’ll keep you informed as these get published.

7. De Anna’s weekly blog for the School of the Spirit is found under the School of the Spirit tab.

8. Monthly themes, and links to small group resource packets, can be found at the bottom of the Sunday Services page. To see the list, click on tab Sunday Services, then on submenu About Sunday Services, then scroll down to the bottom.

9. Under tab Social Justice, there is a dropdown for Racial Justice. On this page, visitors find listings of upcoming and past events, giving a great feel for the energy and commitment the Fellowship has for Racial Justice.

10. The Member-Only page is found by clicking on the Get Connected tab. It contains lots of useful information: audios of Candles of Community, a community directory that can be printed, a contact list of board members/staff/leaders of various groups, treasurer and board reports, and more. This is accessible by password, as the name implies, for members only.

Email me with any questions or comments you have. Please note that I appreciate your patience while the website continues to evolve weekly and sometimes daily.