Author: BVUUF

Abundance to be Thankful for!

Often when hiking in the mountains I’m stunned about the abundance in nature: abundance of golden fall leaves, abundance of fresh air to breathe, abundance of sparkly stars to gaze at, etc. This abundance seems to expand and there is never a shortage. Similar to … read more.

10 Neat Things to Know about the New Website

1. For each tab running across the top of the home page, from Home to Get Connected, click on any of them and you will see the dropdown menus, with more submenus in a lefthand sidebar.

2. The photos you see “sliding,” or rotating, on the … read more.

Ten Memorable Questions I’ve Been Asked at Work

As written last week, one of the best questions I’ve been asked as office manager was “Have you seen my machete laying around anywhere?”

Now here are 10 more memorable questions I’m sharing for your enjoyment and behind-the-scenes look at the office!

1. We’re bringing the sacred … read more.

President’s Report for July 2017 by Christiane Olivo

Christiane Olivo, Board President 2016-17

Before the June 14th Board meeting began, we joined together with new Board members Anne Reidy and Robert Nichols for a potluck dinner to welcome them and to celebrate our last meeting of the church year. We were also fortunate … read more.

Treasurer’s Report for July 2017 by Wayne Itano

Wayne Itano, Board Treasurer 2014-17

In my report for the June Connections, I was pleased to report a 5% increase in pledges compared to the previous year. This increase enabled the Board to set a budget that has increases for both salaries and for programs. … read more.

Watching over the Love

When I was in seminary, the Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker, President of Starr King School of the Ministry, taught a one credit required course (the only required course in that alternative learning environment) called “Watching over the Love”. We were to be attentive to where … read more.