10 Ways to Stay on Top of Tech


10. Ask questions. Lots of ’em.
9. Take training when you can. We’ll be offering regular Tech Time at the Fellowship. Share what you learned.
8. Find a buddy to work on it with. Two heads and all that.
7. Choose ONE question that you have, one area that you want to play with first. Now get in there and play!
6. Google it! Yep, go online and search for help. Google and Youtube are invaluable.
5. Be tough-minded. You CAN do this! Tech is YOUR tool!
4. Live in wonder at how much it can do for us.
3. Be willing to accept help from others, including but not limited to young people. Surprise yourself with who can help.
2. So you made a mistake? Get used to it. It’s ok. You’re ok. Try again.
1. Tell yourself It’s Time To Play! There’s nothing like being hands-on… you knew that already, didn’t you?

You may have more ideas! Send officemanager@bvuuf.org an email and she’ll share them in a future post!

PS I dipped into angel cards this morning and these are what I pulled: Commitment, Courage, Love, Sisterhood/Brotherhood, Resilience. Appropriate for our topic today, yes? UUs have all of these qualities.