How we are Organized

Board of Officers and Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for visioning, strategic planning, and all those things that form the container through which our ministries can grow: our facilities, personnel, and finance. We consider the Board to be like the ‘chalice’ — creating the container through which our vision and mission, our ministries arise.

Committee on Shared Ministries

The Committee on Shared Ministries assesses, supports, and advocates for robust and shared ministry throughout congregational life. This elected committee provides leadership, mission, and vision to the Fellowship’s ministry programs. It also serves as a channel of communication between congregants and the minister. It oversees our councils.

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee consists of six members nominated by the Board and elected by the membership to serve for three years. Each year the members designate a second- or third-year member of the committee for a one-year term as chair. The Fellowship’s immediate Past-President also serves on the committee—ex officio, but with a vote. Any member completing a full term cannot be eligible for immediate re-election. The committee nominates candidates to become Officers and Trustees and presents the slate prior to the Annual Business Meeting in the spring.  At the same meeting, the Fellowship votes on two new Board-nominated candidates for the Leadership Development Committee to assume the three-year terms being vacated by the longest-serving members.