Abundance to be Thankful for!

Often when hiking in the mountains I’m stunned about the abundance in nature: abundance of golden fall leaves, abundance of fresh air to breathe, abundance of sparkly stars to gaze at, etc. This abundance seems to expand and there is never a shortage. Similar to the feeling of love where there is enough to expand to the entire family, community and planet.

In our BVUUF community we are blessed with abundance. We receive the ministries of not just one – but two – ministers. We experience musical offerings that are transformative. We share our joys and sorrows so we can care for one another. Our children in the School of the Spirit are our shining lights. We share food and lively conversations at the Thanksgiving table.

Now we have decided to collectively gather our financial resources to expand our space, widen the circle for more people to join and live our values of conserving resources by implementing renewable energy. Thank you all for sharing your abundance. We are setting an example for the world of how to be in community with peace, equity and respect for the dignity of every person. And we are blessed with financial abundance that is ever-expanding.

I feel moved to personally thank the anonymous donors for their million dollar gift (whoever you are). It gave us the push we needed to believe we can do it. And thank you to the couple who recently pledged an enormous legacy gift. Thank you for sharing your abundance and, with that, allowing our growth and outreach for generations to come. There is much gratitude and love.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Elisabeth Kern, Board President