Aug. 7, 2016: “Connections Weekly”

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One 10 a.m. service!

Aug. 7

“Are You the Other, Or Am I?”
Wendie Highsmith, Worship Leader; Rachel Setzke, Worship Associate
This service draws from one of Unitarian Universalism’s six sources: Wisdom from the world’s religions, which inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life. Do we Unitarian Universalists admire and cherish that which other religions have to teach us…or not?

This Sunday’s Half-Plate: Black Lives Matter 5280 assists in building more loving and united Black communities while eliminating anti-Black violence and racism. Black Lives Matter 5280 uses a holistic racial justice approach to expose, address, and eradicate structures and systems of oppression while strengthening individual and community health and wellness. As part of the national movement, BLM 5280 embodies the declaration that Black Lives Matter. Nominated by Katy Wiley.

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