Coronavirus and the Congregation

March 7, 2020

In Connections Weekly on Friday, March 6, 2020:

Staff and leaders are planning for the possibility that the coronavirus will be confirmed in Colorado at some point. We ask that people stay home if they feel sick. We’ll switch to ‘touching elbows’ instead of holding hands or linking arms during the benediction, and we’ll follow the lead of local public health authorities and school districts about whether we stop ‘congregating.’ Please do take your own precautions as you feel necessary. Watch this engaging UU-specific video on a simple thing you can do!

from Rev. Lydia on Saturday, March 7, 2020:

Subject:  COVID-19  and the Congregation

Dear Ones,

How quickly things change.  As of this email, we now have about 8 ‘presumptive positive’ cases of Covid-19 in Colorado.  By now, I’m sure your inboxes and media sources are flooded with information and precautions.  

Fellowship leaders and staff have been tracking the progress of COVID-19 and educating ourselves about the impact on faith communities.

Here’s some things you should know:


  • We will continue with our regular activities until such time as public health authorities issue required closures.  That is, if schools and public offices are closed, we too, will stop all in-person meetings.  That said, please use your own discretion about what you wish to attend during this heightened period of potential COVID-19 infection.
  • We have a tech team forming to explore other options for meeting.  

Fellowship Communications:  

  • There is a Fellowship Google folder where we are collecting information pertinent to us.  Please email me and Carol Pranschke if you’d like to be added as a collaborator.
  • Communications to the entire Fellowship will come out in an email with this same subject line:  “COVID-19 and the Congregation” as well as other (to be determined) ways.
  • We’ll find ways to check in on each other, especially people who may be homebound or choose to stay home.  

Precautionary Measures:


  • The CDC is recommending that anyone with a compromised immune system and older adults stay at home as much as possible. 
  • Wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds or more.  Use hand sanitizer.  Don’t touch your face. 
  • If you are sick, get it checked out!  If you do end up with COVID-19, please let me know.  
  • Stay up to date on details of the virus.  I’m using the CDC website.  

At the ‘Ship:

  • We will be doing our best to provide hand sanitizer and wipes at the places we gather.  Please do feel free to bring your own.  
  • We won’t be holding hands during the service, and will avoid contact during any other gatherings.  Elbow bumps and namaste bows are IN!

Do feel free to reach out to me if you have any concerns.  Remember that the risks of getting COVID-19, even in an outbreak area, are low.  And, together, we can prevent it from spreading.

may you be well,