Don’t Be Reserved When Reserving a Room (and a poem of welcome)

Reserving a Room is so Easy! Things to know:

Finding the form:

1. Visit the Fellowship’s page of Forms and scroll down to the Reserve a Room form.

— or —

Visit the Fellowship’s homepage at Fellowship website, click on Contact Us in the upper right, then on Forms in the lower left, scroll down. Voila! You are there!

When you’re on the Forms page, bookmark it! It will be easy to find the next time you need it.

2. Who is Handling the Forms:

Many thanks to Jean Nuttall, who is now a master at room reservations, and handles the majority of them. Thanks Jean!

3. “Why use the form? I want to contact Jean directly, I love her so!”

Having your room request in the database helps us handle them in the right order, and helps you because no matter who is doing room reservations (and it’s not always Jean), your request is in the queue and does not get lost.

4. Using the form gives us the right details (most of the time).

5. Heads-up: room reservations are running fast and furious at the Fellowship, and you may be asked to gather a crew together before or after your event for setup/take-down & cleanup. We rely on you to keep our facility budget reasonable, and we do not employ a facility person for every day.

6. Audio-visual is a many-splendored technology and our team has some of the best a/v support anywhere (I guarantee). The Reserve a Room form asks for a/v input as a starter, but most likely, if you need mics, sound and / or projection, you will need to email to line up help for your event. Starting the conversations early, even four weeks before, is helpful to make your event a success

7. Finally, I personally request that you use the form. As the Fellowship evolves into a program-size church, these forms help keep us organized in our support of you. Our goal is to provide excellent support. Email can be used after the original request is made.


You do want to be helpful, right? Thank you!


A Participation Poem of Welcome to Administrative Support Ginny Landes (at services on Sunday 12/10/17)

My first name rhymes with barrel,
all of you call me Carol.
Her name rhymes with whinny,
she calls herself Ginny
Which is short for Virginia,
her being here is our good Fortuna.
She’s done office work for years of twenty,
to thrive here, thats plenty
When you think of Ginny, and wonder what she’s doing
Just think numbers, just think checks,
it’s sure got me cooing.
She’ll take checks in,
she’ll send checks out,
d numbers for the Capital Campaign
and in the end, we’ll all shout
GinnyGinny, you’re the one
and we hope, like UUs you’ll find,
that to live love and reason, is lots of fun.


~ Carol Pranschke, office manager

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