Feb. 1, 2015 School of the Spirit Weekly Update

Explore the theme of Reason in the School of the Spirit: with a Story Service for children, youth and adults, an “Age of Reason” celebration for new readers, a Skit about a Unitarian spy, and a Christo-like closing.



9 and 11 a.m. Service for Children, Youth and Adults with Rev. Lydia, Charlie Hook, Katie Covey, Sam Welsh, Melissa Williams and the SpiritJam Staff.

Kindergarteners and up to the Sanctuary for the whole time. Would you like to participate? 

  • New Readers are welcome to be a part of the “Age of Reason” Ceremony and receive a special gift from the congregation.
  • We need some soldiers for the skit.  Can you say, “Halt!”
  • We need some children to help us wrap the congregation, just like the artist Christo wrapped this island.
  • See Michael and Rachel before the services if you would like to be a part.

Our three stories are about –

1. Francis Harper (1800’s) African American Poet, freewoman and Unitarian

2. Martha and Waitsill Sharp (1939 – 45),  Unitarian rescuers in Prague during the Nazi invasion

3. Portland, OR UU congregation, (2012), LGBTQ advocates and healers

9 and 11 a.m. Preschool/Nursery-  with Miss Ari, Early Childhood Music Specialist and Teacher  Miss Ari requests some wooden puzzles and a beanbag chair if anyone has them to donate.

7/8th Grade Our Whole Lives (O.W.L.)   – with Emily Conger and Heather Marshall. (8:45 – 10:15 a.m.)


Adult Classes: (Drop In’s Welcome!) More on the “one-stop-shopping” Adult Webpage

  • 2/1 Mindfulness Series:  9-10:30 a.m. “Do You Make Regular Visits to Yourself?” This week, we’ll reflect on mindfulness (vipassana or insight) meditation with the first of two recorded classes given by Tara Brach (www.tarabarch.com). This class explores the attitude we bring to meditation that makes it rewarding, and the training that helps us in “coming back” from thoughts. The class includes short guided meditations and valuable reminders that can support you in developing, or in enlivening your existing meditation practice.

Playground Monitors:  needed, 10 – 11 a.m.  Sign up online  or on the bulletin board. Weather permitting, but the children love to go outside!

Read more about our unique experimental SpiritJam model at www.spiritjam.info   Join us as we co-create this experimental program with paid lead teachers and monthly themes!



New! Parent Circles

Sundays, 9 and 11 a.m. once a month, drop ins welcome!

Feb. 8 – Reason: Explaining life and death to a child.
March 15 – Trust: Balancing safety and freedom.
April 12 – Redemption: Making mistakes; not being perfect.
May 3 – Calling: The call to nurture, what is a parent’s role?

Meet 9 a.m. Thoreau Rm; 11 a.m. Barnum Rm. – your choice! Children are welcome to attend the Preschool/Nursery or SpiritJam.

Reflection, Sharing and Support
Guided by the monthly theme with tangents as desired.
Specifically for parents, and other important adults in a family.
Facilitated by Katie Covey, Director, School of the Spirit

Mini-care packages for the homeless – donations of items needed (travel sized toothpaste, toothbrushes, granola bars, thin gloves, comb, soap, emergency blanket, razor, small wet wipes, small First Aid items, small deodorant, cracker packages, bus passes, etc.) for the 3/1 ServiceJam Project (one service at 10 a.m. only). Donation box by the SpiritJam Lab. Items will be packed in a quart sized Ziploc bag by children and others. The mini-care packages will be available to congregants willing to keep them in their car or purse to give to the homeless.

Check out the Youth Ministry Newsletter by Emily Conger, Youth Coordinator for 7th – 12th graders.

I am over the top pleased to announce that Rachel Setzke will be the 2015 “Peace and Justice” Camp Director! We will be collaborating with PEACEJAM; “nobel peace laureates mentoring youth to change the world.” Summer Camp is going global! June 1-5th for K-5th grades.

Your School of the Spirit Staff:

  • Emily CongerYouth Coordinator, youthcoordinator@bvuuf.org 
  • Ari Flauta, Early Childhood Teacher, preschool@bvuuf.org
  • Rachel StevensonSpiritJam Teacher and Religious Education Assistant, assistantre@bvuuf.org 
  • Michael NewmanSpiritJam Teacher, spiritjam@bvuuf.org
  • Katie CoveyDirector of the School of the Spirit, dirrectorre@bvuuf.org