Forms Forms Forms: Where to go for the paperwork!

Who can take a good day… and make it all the better?

Who can take a chocolate… and pair it with cream?

Who can take a dream… and make it come true?

Why, knowing where the forms are is like a dream come true!

On the website, find forms here: Fellowship Forms

You can also arrive at the Forms page this way: from, click on Contact Us in the upper right, click on Forms in the lower left, then scroll down to the desired form.

Most popular forms: Reserve a Room, Authorization for Electronic Fund Transfer, and Half Plate Nomination. Request for Reimbursement and a copy of the Fellowship’s Sales Tax Exempt page are hot items also.

Onsite at the Fellowship, you can find forms in a silver bin to the left of the window, in the Copy Room, located between the business and minister’s offices.

If you are friendly with the copier, you can use the Document Manager to print copies of many of our blank forms. I’ll be glad to show you sometime.

Last but not least, you can check in with the office if you need help.

~ Carol Pranschke, The Crone of Forms (aka Office Manager)

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