Get Your Sliders Here – On the Home Page!

The Home Page of the Fellowship website has sliders on it – not those burgers slathered in onion and cheese that are delicious and high calorie – but photographs that “slide” from one to the next in a continuous rotation.

Useful for engaging visitors and members alike, there are a few things to know about them –

1. Some of the photos will remain over time, such as Explore Monthly Spiritual Themes – which leads to our Sunday Services page, by clicking on the link in the lower right of the photo.
2. Other photos will come and go, such as the one currently displayed for the upcoming retreat with David Chernikoff, The Way of the Spiritual Warrior. Ready to sign up? Click on the link in the lower right.
3. Want to return to a photo that has passed on by? Rather than waiting for the rotation, notice the dots in the upper right of each photograph, and you can click on them to find that photo you want to see again.

The plan is to add a slider photo now and then for marketing public-friendly events at the Fellowship to the public! A vibrant, clear photo and content for a webpage about the event are all we need! We will manage to how many photos can be displayed – usually 5 is a good number to have in rotation.

If anyone is interested in learning more, contact me at The website is an integral means of communicating to the world at large, and we can partner to make it ever better.

Now about those sliders that we can eat – has anyone been to Mile High in Denver? I’m wondering if the burgers are as good as they look.

~ Carol Pranschke, Office Manager