Google may be your Techie Bestie Friendie

Tech Tip for this week: Do not fear tech; Google it!

Ever have an error message show up, or something work differently one day that worked just right the day before? Try googling it! Whatever your tech concern is about, Google Search it! If you’ve had a problem, other people have had it too, have posted their questions online, and other people have answered.

Earlier this week, Elisabeth R had a question about accessing google groups. With a little research using her personal and bvuuf president emails, and my work and personal gmail emails, we discovered that Google displays different menus to different people. I could not find Google Groups for her where I find them when I’m in my google environments.

The resolution: I googled the question “where did my google groups go?” meaning, where did Elisabeth’s google groups go? The Google User Forum came through with answers because this question had been asked previously. It suggested going to, so we entered that on her browser search page, and it took her to her google groups, displaying a list. Google was smart enough to know she was logged in to her Google email ids, and automatically brought up her Google Groups list without asking her to login. Elisabeth is now a happy Google Groups manager and owner.

There are other ways to get to Google Groups that weren’t working for her – for instance, it was not showing up as an option when Elisabeth was logged in and clicking on the nine dots in the upper right corner of her login. Going to the url gave her a way to get to where she needed to go.

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Remember, use Google Search as part of researching your tech questions, even when the question doesn’t involve google itself. Don’t forget to try different phraseology for your problem if your first question doesn’t bring up helpful results.

Do Not Fear Tech; Google it!