Heading into winter


As of today, Boulder County is in a newly designated “Level Red: Severe Risk” Covid zone. High Risk Populations are to stay at home, and there are to be no personal gatherings of any size. The next level up is the new “Level Purple: Extreme Risk” (total shutdown), and we are only staying out of that zone because local hospitals are somehow, but barely, managing to maintain enough beds. The Boulder County Public Health Covid website tells the story with stark graphics. 

The Fellowship has also revised our Phased Opening Dial to match the State’s new guidelines. At this point, the Fellowship is open to essential staff only, with no more than one person in any section of the building at the same time. Groups can meet online only.

As the days get darker and colder, even more is being required of us. So much has already been delayed, postponed and lost. So many of us are sick and tired of the limitations on our lives, and worried for our own health and that of our loved ones. More and more of us have lost people we care about during this time. Covid fatigue is real, so be gentle with yourselves, with those you love, and with everyone you encounter.

In one of my first Covid letters to you, I offered these six questions. They’ve been ringing in my ears lately, so I offer them again to you. 

Gratitude, connections, letting go, nature, movement and beauty are essential antidotes to the challenges of these times. Let’s share with one another the answers to these questions!

Whether you are a stalwart member, an occasional visitor, or a stranger in our midst, Boulder Valley UU Fellowship is here for you. While we are needing to be more and more flexible in how we do things, we will remain a beacon of connection and hope for this community. Join us here on Sunday morning at 10 for services, or learn more about opportunities for engagement here

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to each other should you need support or even just a moment of friendly interaction during these times of greater isolation. My office Zoom office hours and scheduling app are on the bottom of all my emails. You can also reach out to our intern minister, Lisa Moore at internminister@bvuuf.org or (303) 946-5884

May you be well, and stay well,

Rev. Lydia