Las Posadas (a poem)

Last week, I posted a message to Fellowship neighbors on NextDoor, a social media that helps geographically-local neighbors connect, that said the Las Posadas event last Friday night at the Fellowship featured live music that would end promptly at nine. In reality, the music ended after 10 pm. (Interesting note: I’ve been told by attendees that children’s laughter was louder than the live music.) I followed up with a brief message on NextDoor asking if any neighbor had a comment, but had already written this poem (which I am sharing here but have not -yet- on NextDoor).

Dear neighbors,
I apologize for any inconvenience
I realize our music went (to a little) past ten
What a celebration it turned out to be
about Joseph and Mary finding room at the inn.
We shared our space with those who love and honor a little boy,
who came into this world to share profound love,
and I hope you understand
There are neighbors among us who
celebrate his connection with that of the Great Divine above —

I thank you for your patience, your kindness and more
I thank you for having a good sense of humor
Being in community is such a work in progress
You’d think I’d already know more
being that I’m a baby boomer.

Thank you for being such a good neighbor.

And to you Fellowship reader, no matter what your spiritual journey, may you find this time to be filled with joy and peace, and may a look at the moon inspire you to new “you-ness” in the New Year. May many blessings spill onto you,

Carol Pranschke, office manager
Boulder Valley UU Fellowship

PS No blog post will be posted next week from me. HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!