Making Purchases for the Fellowship

Thanks to Deborah Mensch for asking, Who authorizes reimbursement forms and expenditures out of a committee budget?

Deborah, committee chairpersons are authorized to sign off so that the purchaser can get reimbursed. Of course, purchasers should be working at the request of the committee chair to make purchases, because the chair will know (or can find out from our treasurer or the office) what dollars are left in their committee budget.

There’s a spot on the reimbursement form for the purchaser’s name, and for the approver’s signature. Please remember to attach your original receipt to the reimbursement form. Reimbursement forms can be printed online from the Forms page on the website at or can be found in the copy room, in the silver bin located to the left of the window.

Deborah, you have now added to the Office FAQ! Thank you!

To learn more about making purchases for the Fellowship, check out this trifold brochure Shopping for BVUUF; saving on sales tax! As a tax-exempt organization, we can save quite a bit of money. Copies of the tax exempt number are available from the office.

Now get out there and save those dollars!

~ Carol Pranschke, Office Manager