May 31, 2015 School of the Spirit Summer Update

Summer means ONE Service at 10 a.m. through Labor Day. The theme is U.U. Principles. Children to the sanctuary,  first 15 minutes to hear the Youth Choir!

Spirit Jam photo10 a.m. “MusicJam” 
Children sit with their family for the first 15 minutes, then join SpiritJam as we continue with drums and music making in the MusicJam!

10 a.m. Preschool/Nursery-  Miss Ari will offer music making in Preschool, too!

Adult Classes Visit the  Adult Webpage for more information on adult classes and gatherings.




Sunday, July 5 Supervisor needed (10 – 11 a.m.) – supervise informal games and activities with our children.

Summer Sundays – UU Principles and “Share Your Passion” theme

Do you have a passion that you would like to share with our children for up to 30 minutes on a Sunday this Summer between 10 – 11 a.m.? Be it solar cooking, science, guitar playing, travels, crafting, sports, poetry, your favorite children’s book, music, tinkering, engineering, etc. Choose a Sunday on the “Share Your Passion” Summer Calendar or visit with Rachel Stevenson, SpiritJam Summer Coordinator. Rachel will be supervising and attending most of the Summer Sundays and will help you. You will have about 30 minutes maximum with a multi-age group of children. Here’s an ideal way to get to know the children of BVUUF and help our children get to know other adults in the congregation!

Signs of a Living Planet – A walk to the confluence of Coal and Rock Creeks

Saturday, May 30, 1 p.m., Meet at Flagg Park 

Explore and celebrating our living planet as seen through late-spring life of plains and streams.  On this 1½ mile walk, see Earth’s daily and seasonal breaths in the waters, plants and animals around us.  Learn how we are seamlessly connected to Earth’s living system.  Join naturalist and BVUUF member Martin Ogle to learn about our newest scientific understandings of Earth and how they are reflected all around us along Coal Creek, in the  grasslands and in the far-off mountains.

This walk is recommended for adults and youth age 10 and older.  Flagg Park is located on Flagg Dr., 1/2 mile east of 120th St. on the east side of Lafayette.  RSVPs are required and spaces are limited.  RSVPs and questions can be directed to Martin Ogle a tMartin@EntrepreneurialEarth.

Goodbye to Emily Conger, Youth Coordinator and Michael Newman, SpiritJam leader! Welcome Rachel Stevenson in her new role!

Emily Conger joined us 4 years ago as our 4th Youth Coordinator. She had been in Chile, South Africa and Europe, and had grown up Unitarian Universalist. She had served on her congregational Board of Trustees as a youth, and ran the Boulder Young Adult Group, “Spirituality on Tap.” We have been fortunate to have Emily with us so long. She has developed our Coming of Age program to reflect our congregational values and UU Theology. She has led the OWL classes, adding her wisdom as a Planned Parenthood employee as well. She has worked with our middle schoolers and high schoolers, and served as the Mountain Desert District Youth Chaplain for overnight conferences.

So, it was a natural though not small step for her to enter the Unitarian Universalist ministry. She is leaving us to complete her Clinical Pastoral Experience at St. Anthony’s North Hospital this summer and then will be the Ministerial Intern at Jefferson Unitarian  Church in Golden, CO. My, my we will miss her!

Rachel Stevenson will be bringing her enthusiasm and commitment as Youth Coordinator to BVUUF this fall. She grew up UU and has served as SpiritJam leader and RE Assistant this year. She is a grad student in GIS Studies and an Americorp volunteer. We look forward to next year!

Michael Newman came to us because he was a friend of Jamil Scott, our former RE Assistant, and now an ordained Buddhist minister and Lifespan Religious Educator in Fresno, CA. I am so pleased that Michael joined us for our first year of SpiritJam, our experimental model of paid teachers offering Jams (activities) on monthly themes. He brough his straightforward thoughts, insights and sense of fun and purpose. I know that I, Rachel, Ari, and the children and families will miss you! We wish you the best of everything as you head east to marry your fiance in TX, then move to PA to be with family and friends.

Your School of the Spirit Staff:

  • Rachel StevensonYouth Coordinator, 
  • Ari Flauta, Early Childhood Teacher,
  • Rachel Setzke, 2015 Peace and Justice Camp Director,
  • Position OpenSpiritJam Teacher,
  • Katie CoveyDirector of the School of the Spirit,