A Multi-Layered Faith Cake (an I Am story)

I am of

… Catholic upbringing, Mary mysticism and aromatic incense

… Jewish matzoh ball soup and Marcia my adopted mother

… 2nd Baptist gospel singing and Garry Archie wisdom mentoring

… BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu temple, mala beads and Kali coming

… Sikh yoga with Yogi Bhajan teaching the Divine Feminine and Wahe Guru transformation

… Celtic Wild Fires and the Goddess Among Us

… Lyons Community Church prayer and John Wesley’s “Catch on fire with enthusiasm”

… Buddhist compassion and Jain daily meditation

… Unitarian Universalist questioning and respect for all beings

… Episcopal affirmation of women priests in a breakaway faith

… United Church of Christ and whole life sexuality

… Anglican cathedrals with the sound booming off the stone

… Moslem call to prayer and call to prayer and call to prayer

… Greek Orthodox icons and big fat happy me staring into their mysteries

… Pagan sun and moon and nature spirits

… Christmas carols and Love burning bright

… Sufi twirling and Rumi poems of the Divine One

… Pranschke Voodoo Women, ancestral power with all respect to shaman healers

… Native American listening to the buffalo. May I learn from you!

I am … grateful for these many flavors of faith. As I dip my fork down for another taste, I wonder what flavor will come up this time?

~ Best, Carol Pranschke

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