Office Administrator-Assistant-Manager, What’s the Diff?!

Thought it was time y’all might like an update on the inside scoop:

Office Manager status:

I remain as Office Manager and am moving to include more strategic communications in my role, while continuing to oversee the office and work on a variety of tasks that gets the work done: congregant and staff support, communications and technology support, facility management and human resources (includes hiring/ orientation/ training of new office employees, orientation and more of other employees), rentals, vendor liaison, supply orders, emergency preparedness. I support committees in reaching their goals and work closely with Stewardship, Personnel, Communications, Grounds, Racial Justice, Member Engagement and the Board.

I am responsible for implementing strategic and programmatic plans and congregational policy.  This position demands a high level of managerial, interpersonal, communication and financial skills as well as flexibility, resilience and patience. I set (and reset) priorities, sometimes daily. This position involves supervision of office and facility staff and volunteers, and handling public inquiries.

One of my most important roles involves hiring great employees, and helping volunteers use their skills and talents in areas they enjoy on behalf of the Fellowship’s office and facility needs.


Office Administrator role:

Originally we advertised this role as ‘office assistant.’ Working primarily with treasurer Joan Mulcahy, we interviewed, made a job offer – which the candidate turned down because it did not fit her career path, and kept casting the net wider to find the person with the right balance of financial skill and technical aptitude.

3 months has passed, and the position remains open. Knowing that it is not wise nor economically-smart to hire the wrong person, we took a fresh look at the situ. Working with Wendie Highsmith, Rev. Lydia, members of Personnel Janet Meyers and Barbara Sterling, and the Capital Campaign team, we revised the title to ‘Office Administrator’ in order to suggest a more comprehensive role, added hours to acknowledge the work this person will be doing for and with our Capital Campaign crew as they get up and running, and have taken a more flexible negotiable view of Sunday morning work hours.

The job is being posted on college employment systems online, on social media, and on local job boards. It is advertised as 30 hours per week throughout this year’s capital campaign, and then 25 hours per week beyond that. I shared this posting with many individuals in positions of helping connect to possible candidates. The word is being spread far and wide.

We love referrals! Let your numbers-loving talented friends and family know that this job is open, and read all about it at

Employment Opportunities


~ Best regards, Carol Pranschke