Serve Your Fellowship Community

This year, with the exciting vibrancy of planning to build an energy efficient building and raising the funds for it, there is a bigger need for us to serve and volunteer than ever.  

The number one reason we all join this Fellowship is to experience each other’s support in community and to help heal our world.

In the job market, we are usually asked to bring our expertise and experience.

Here at BVUUF, we are asked to bring our whole being, our curiosity, or a side of us that we might have neglected. Maybe you are an introvert who is secretly wishing to be a live auctioneer? Maybe you are on your computer all day, dreaming of being a greeter and making coffee? Or you are seeking a creative outlet in music and art? Rev. Lydia has compared the Fellowship to a social laboratory; a safe place to experiment with our social interactions and take what works out into the world; a transformative place.

The idea behind serving at BVUUF is lifting each other up, believing in each other’s strengths, being grateful for ALL contributions being made and growing in community while not being shy to ask for assistance and give support when needed. Each task is meant to be tailored to individual availability.

So, when you are asked by a leader to serve your Fellowship community, I hope that you take a minute to reflect. Can you see it as an opportunity to transform your life and say “YES”?  

And thank you to each and everyone who did answer with YES already. I hope you do enjoy being actively engaged in his community as much as i do.

With Gratitude,

Elisabeth Kern

Board President