Author: Janet Meyer

Leaps of Faith

When I was 25 years old, I took a life-changing Outward Bound trip in North Carolina.  Never much of an outdoors person, this trip was an intentional challenge.  I stretched … and loved the backpacking, the white-water canoeing, even the rock-climbing.  But when it came … read more.

Making Common

Communication:  from the Latin communicare: make common to many, share, impart.

Beloveds, how are YOUR communications in the Boulder Valley UU Fellowship?  With others?  Within your own life?  Do you have a sense that you know what is going on within the Fellowship?  Do you have a sense that you are connected … read more.

A BIG Inclusive Welcome!

Welcome back!  

I’ve heard this season called the ‘second New Year’ of the year.  It certainly has that energy in my household, as we all recreate the patterns of our daily living after summertime flow and fun. Each year there are twists and changes to … read more.

August Board Report

Your Board met twice in August and prepared for a busy year by exploring personal strengths and interpersonal interactions.  We also adopted several important policies, approved a hiring decision and a committee appointment, and scheduled a congregational meeting.  Board votes (all unanimous) approved new … read more.

Serve Your Fellowship Community

This year, with the exciting vibrancy of planning to build an energy efficient building and raising the funds for it, there is a bigger need for us to serve and volunteer than ever.  

The number one reason we all join this Fellowship is to … read more.

Rev. Ruth’s Reflections from August, 2017

Hello lovelies.

It is deeply gratifying to be with you, gearing up to another congregational year. As the mornings become cooler, the garden harvest increases, and we recognize the level of activity here at Boulder Valley UU Fellowship, I invite you to acknowledge all the … read more.