Yes We Can Do It! Pledge Drive Kick-Off & Catered Brunch

In World War II, the US faced acute labor shortages. Yet, our country already had the powerful human resources it needed…but we didn’t know it at first. Creative thinking, flexible mindsets, and embracing change helped the US re-imagine who could meet the need for a strong, competent, and resolved workforce: women. It may be that when we can think creatively, open our minds to new ideas, and embrace change, we, too, can find the resources we need already in our midst: as a Fellowship and as individuals.

Every year we hold an annual Pledge Drive. This is very important to the health and well-being of the Fellowship. It’s not only about the financials – it’s also about the strength of your connection to the Fellowship and our community. This year, we hope you can join us for a catered brunch after the service – no matter how you give (time, talent, money, energy, ideas, showing up) – we are glad you are with us.

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